20 Jan 2014

Is that a Deadline coming over the Hill...?

Pah. We laugh at deadlines. Mostly. Well when they're not looking anyway.

Well we're in to the last week and all is coming together nicely. The downside is I won't finish all the highlighting in time but then I never expected to get any highlighting done so not bad at all.

I have now completely finished the following:

Spiritseer + 10 Wraithguard
Rock down Ghosties!
Wraithlord (I'm using Iyanden so this chap is actually my Warlord!)
Obey me!
And the 2 Vypers
Vyper Left and Vyper Right
I've also managed to paint 3 layers of blue on 1 of the Wave Serpents. Going to try and complete the remaining 4 vehicles to the same "blue done" status before Saturday. Not going to rush the purple highlighting at this stage and will get that done later.

Current scorecard:
Spiritseer - complete
10 Wraithguard - complete
2 Wave Serpents - highlighting
2 Vypers - complete
Crimson Hunter - highlighting
Wraithlord - complete
Fire Prism - highlighting

And once it's all done the Wraithknight has been promised that he's next which gets me to 1500 or so points.

And then? Well let's see how the army does but I do want to add Prince Yriel purely because he's Iyanden...

I will try to get an army shot together before Saturday and then try and remember to use the camera at their first outing!

4 days to go


Eddy Artillery said...

Looking Awesome Mr Silverfox!

We'll have to team up soon to give these Hoomun scum a kicking!

Pulp Citizen said...

Excellent progress. :)