5 Jan 2014

I'm in charge!

A very wet weekend I think we can all agree and let's not discuss the FA Cup in any detail.

Meanwhile at the Eldar workbench the Spiritseer is done. I decided to highlight as I went with this chap and get him completed.

He has 13 colours all told and unfortunately the pictures don't quite show up the 3 yellows involved. I decided to go with original Iyanden colours for my command so that they stand out!

This is my good side
And this is my other side
Really enjoyed painting him today and I'm sure he'll repay me by being awesome. Right?

Other progress this weekend: managed to get to Triple through the floods and picked up the 2 Vypers (we don't mention the Lord of Skulls I also collected - flippin huge).

And tidied up all the painting issues with all other models done so far.

The scores on the doors then:
1 Wraithguard - basing
9 Wraithguard - basing / highlighting
2 Wave Serpents - basing / highlighting
1 Wraithlord - basing / highlighting
1 Fire Prism - basing / highlighting
1 Spiritseer - basing
2 Vypers - to be started

19 Days to go

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JamieM said...

Now that is lovely! Really nice paintjob and now he just has to worry about being mobbed by the jealous wraith constructs who have only been basecoated ;)