14 Apr 2014

Death Guard - started

So here is my first real death guard 30k unit, and what a start!  10 Deathshroud terminators reporting for duty.

FW have learnt a little and now pair arms to weapon, so less time going through 10 arms and 5 weapons  trying to get the right set!  Nice touch 


Eddy Artillery said...

Very nice indeed!

The momentum is building with HH. I have been scratching my head over my army list for several days now and can feel myself sliding towards the usual level of excessive collecting that gets me every time!!

Junt said...

I spent most of the night looking, so easily tempted, however I do have a lot of old beakie arms and back packs along if your looking at converting to pre mark V armour and 10 original Rhinos that i am sure you could borrow

Eddy Artillery said...

LOL Junt!

Keep hold of them all - rocking horse shit mate....rare as!

Junt said...

Damn it, the first 15 Lunar Wolves are on the way, I don't even play the bloody game!

Drake Seta said...

Bloody Hell! 10 Deathshroud! That's mean.