8 Apr 2014

My First 150 points....

....of Yu Jing for Infinity are finished.

After finding the fine detail of the Infinity figures a little daunting to paint, they actually turned out to be quite fun!

I went for simple colours with a limited palette and I'm intending to continue this colour scheme for the whole faction. I didn't do any blending but instead used a wet palette and watered the paint with a dilutant rather than water. This kept the coats of paint thin and reduces the loss of fine detail.

After painting I used a little flesh wash on the faces but let the army painter dip solution pick all the detail out with one thin careful coat.

Having already purchased some additional forces for the Yu Jing I decided to get cracking on them. I got five put together last night.....

....leaving only four more to do.
I'm not quite sure what to move on to after I finish these as I have DZC stuff started and also loads of the Spartan scenery under way. Despite that I have a hankering to start messing around with some stuff to get my Horus Heresy Iron Hands under way. I have some stuff on order but there are some Scibor bodies in my draw that I am intending to use for special units. They keep whispering to me.........buildsss usssss.

Or I could just make the Knight titan currently giving me evils from the pile.

Choices choices.



Silverback said...

I love the poses of thosefigures

Enjoy the hobby time while it lasts....

Eddy Artillery said...

ah. yes. umm.

That other sort of miniature's arrival is looming rather isn't it.

Hopefully it won't be too long before I'm back into gaming regularly.