31 Jan 2016

Stygies VIII

You hear the rumours.
As a child of Stygies Eight you are bombarded with the stories handed down through the generations.
Stories of the turning of the Legio Vulcanum.
Of the Dark Mechanicum.
Of Horus.
Of Heresy.
Of Traitors.

Do you look up at the stars at night and dream that those traitorous sons of Stygies all burned?
That they died screaming into nothingness in the Eye of Terror?
Is that how you sleep at night?

Then prepare to be disappointed.
We did not die.
We did not burn.
We were cleansed by the Eye.
Our God showed us our true destiny.

It is time for us to claim our destiny.
It is time for us to repay you for your dreams.
Your worlds will burn.
Your armies will perish.
Your sons will join us.

We are the Legio Vulcanum.
We are returning.
And your Galaxy will run red with rivers of blood.
Our vengeance will be absolute.
Our reign of terror has begun.

Kneel before our God!
Kneel before the Skull-Taker!
Kneel before Khorne!

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