19 Jan 2016


Urn recently pointed me in the direction of TTCombat scenery. Very nice collection of scenery available on their website or Ebay.

Reasonably priced, pretty and easy to put together. The perfect MDF kits. Needless to say....money got spent. These kits go together really well and the scale of them is pretty impressive given the price.

Given that their range is a good size already and that it is still growing means that this company is one to watch!

Lovely little Ambulance complete with a gurney. I'm going to leave the top of the rear section loose for interaction purposes. It even comes with some cut acrylic for the flashing lights on top!

Very characterful boarded up property. Great for nefarious deeds!!

One of my favorite pieces is the petrol station which is simple but with some lovely little details that really add to it. Its even got handles on the pump. I opted to leave the pump section and forecourt roof unglued as they fit easily into the inside of the building for storage.

HQ for the police. This has nice detailing on the walls and the front columns are a nice touch.

One very cool comic shop complete with a couple of tables and comic racks. Also a bizarre design on the roof. Alien landing pad? :-)

Oh yes this is going to be done out in Col. Saunders colours!

This kit, whilst being a bit trickier to build, is absolutely corking! Also it is incredible value for money given its size.

Finally just a couple of roof top pieces. Simple but great for adding that extra something to the urban scenery.

Now to paint the frigging things. Umm. Painting mojo has proven elusive over the last six months.

Must. Try. Harder.


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JamieM said...

As the man who let you know about this stuff, I take no responsibility for your lack of willpower!

They'll look great with a lick of paint on I reckon :)