11 Mar 2016

Dark Mechanicum Draykavac

Like Charles Darwin, Led Zeppelin and most religions this wasn't my idea and I have plagiarised other people's work.

I saw on an eBay this conversion for sale as part of a £2k auction of mechanicum stuff.  I loved it at first sight as I was never really happy with the original FW version.  

So I purchased anothe skitarii starter set (insane value for money) and kit bashed the two in true Morton style.

I am very chuffed with the outcome and the Vallejo Gold is a great counter colour to the oily steel and black.

I can't wait to get this guy on a table soon.


Eddy Artillery said...

Very nice indeed!

Great conversion mate.

JamieM said...

Huzzah for kit bashes! The great joy of 40k in my eyes. Really nice work on this, he looks suitably imposing and weird.