21 Mar 2016

More 30k Wordbearers

So, my painting challenge has just wrapped up and input in a special burst of effort to try to get the rest of my 30k heresy era Wordbearers infantry done.

Amongst these were missile launcher heavy support squad from the Betrayal at Calth boxed set
Got to love the homage to the rogue trader era missile launchers
Moulded shoulder pads and loads of religious decals
And then some HQs to lead my forces of religious loonery into battle.
Two chaplains, appropriately enough
One to lead the jump pack unit and the other for the unit of foot
They are the chaplain from the Valth boxed set with a power axe added from the FW Skorr figure and the other is the limited edition DA chaplain from the starter box with all DA stuff sanded off and a hooded head added with an inquisitor hand and book
I figure he'll do me for Erebus too.

Next up - more Wordbearers!

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Eddy Artillery said...

Loving the old school missile launchers!