19 Mar 2016

To Err is human, to Arrrrrrrrr is pirate!

Here they are, some pirates.
What's that? Why would I paint pirates when I'm not playing any pirate games? Good question...... I just had them undercoated and the muse took me where it did, so here they are
Some civvies are part of it for objectives and table dressing
And the scurvy seadogs
As part of the painting challenge I'm doing, we agree to send a painted miniature to the organiser that matches the theme of "risk takers and gamblers". This pirate captain seemed perfect as being a pirate is a pretty big risk - especially if you wear a skull and crossbones on your hat!
Got ta love hat turtle on the base, right?
And finally, the Playmobil ship that I've finally finished. New masts, figure head, cabin door and window on the back to make it look nice, then a lick of paint and some of the worst rigging you'll ever see on a model ship.....
My excuse is that it keeps the decks clear for playing with miniatures!
Rear window

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