24 Mar 2016

Wordbearers infantry..... Finished

These were the last of the heresy era Wordbearers that I did in the painting challenge and it's the fun stuff.

First up, the Gal Vorbak. These are legionnaries who have allowed daemons to possess them and share their bodies
As forgeworld only do 5 different figures, I did 5 as standard
And five converted using bits from across the GW range.
Really please with how they came out as I tried to keep the palette limited.

They're a little larger than normal marines, guess the daemons are a little like super steroids!

Next up, the other Wordbearer specific unit, the ashen circle

Loads of great detail etched into the sculpts, so I got a break from having to use decals

Time for a break from Wordbearers now, although I may well do an army shot shortly.

1 comment:

Eddy Artillery said...

They look awesome mate!

I love the Ashen Circle. The older Marks jump packs really take me back to the old WD pictures.