12 Apr 2016

30k big fight - charge!!!

So, the moment that we've been planning ever since the silverback went and bought the first Horus Heresy book at Lenton (right after we talked at length about the 30k line and how it was too expensive to get into..... Sigh) - we finally got all of our stuff in the table!

The game was the mechanicum holding the middle and five forces pouring in from the corners to try and take them out

Watch out for those iron hands in the distance (in alternate armour colour)

And now a little closer

The daemons attack....

Get on with it slow coaches! Those three lonely imperial fists are the only survivors of their storm eagle being one-shotted by that sicarian in the top right

Bundle! This is about the point the daemons discovered how hard the mechanicum stuff was, even in combat.

A great day was had by all and a jolly close game that saw units removed by the bucketload and the 30k carnage starts here.


Eddy Artillery said...

But.......there is no mention of who died to the opening salvo.



Good game that wasn't ridiculously one sided. Worked out well and was really good fun.

JamieM said...

I wasn't there so it doesn't count!