29 Apr 2016

A little lunchtime activity.

With me starting on painting the DW stuff, my mind has turned to the Dystopian Legions pile that I've had for......far....too....long.

Off to work it goes and I'm planning to plug away prepping a couple of figures each lunchtime until they are already for a mass undercoating session in a few months. I might have actually finished painting the DW by then so these stand a chance of seeing the business end of a paint brush this year finally.

That is unless 30K or one of the other much neglected piles of figures inspires me more.

I had actually completely forgotten how much of a pain in the bum prepping metal figures was but it should be worth it as I am looking forward to painting the Britannians and their Prussian counterparts.



Junt said...

Marching on to VSF glory

JamieM said...

Having prepped far too many plastic figures lately, I really like metal figures for the ease! Clipping a body, legs, two arms and a head a weapon off a sprue gets a little old.....