15 Apr 2016

A little DW progress

On to stage two of painting the Prussian Land forces for DW.

I'd started with a layer of sprayed white undercoat and onto this was painted a steel colour that I'd watered down with an airbrush dilutant. I don't really use water anymore because the dilutants give such a good result.

Once dry, the steel colour was given a coat of Nuln Oil and between this and the watered down steel I've managed to keep the detail on the models clean and sharp. I have to say that I'm pretty pleased how they are going so far. I just hope that my choice of main colour doesn't let them down.


They make a nice change from painting 28mm!



Junt said...

keep them coming, mine will be finished tonight, just in time to get on with the new ones tomorrow

JamieM said...

You're quite mad - this is going to be huge!

Junt said...

Are these not finished yet? :)