2 Jun 2016

Oi Lenton! Incoming!!

Well it seems the wheel has turned and, whisper it, painting has returned to the Foxy Von's abode. 

The GoGs have fallen for Age of Sigmar so I purchased some Orruks and then Skaven. 

Here's the first WiP photo....

What? I never said I was painting the stuff I recently purchased 😇
Truth be told this chap has been sat on the windowsill for an absolute age staring down at me. Believe me Bloodthirsters can definitely stare. With our upcoming trip to Lenton on the horizon I decided something new had to make the trip with my Daemons (oh stop booing Varistat 😜). 

So far he's had 2 coats of Mephiston Red, a wash of Agrax Earthshade and I've just finished the first layer of Mephiston Red. And that's 2 evenings in a row for painting. Almost regular!

More to come....


Eddy Artillery said...

Very Nice!

Well Nice in a scary mo' fo' sort of way.

JamieM said...

Good to hear things appear to be settling down on the work front to give you this boost. I daren't look at the bloodthirster stats!

BFG said...

He's scary!