14 Jun 2016

Warhammer quest - Silver Tower painting

After the game the other week, I decided that the game looked decent enough for me to sink some painting time into it. I tried to get a balance of speed of painting and having them decent looking and I thought I'd start with the adversaries so I could spend more time on the heroes at the end. First up, the horrors.
Lots of glazes for the blue and yellow ones, pink paint and a wash for the pink horrors.
I rather enjoyed painting them and am pleased with the outcome. After a fair mull I decided to do the bases black as they are game pieces so the old battlefield flock wouldn't really cut it.

Next up, the Tzaangor - Tzeentch beast men
Not come across these chaps yet, but they look nails
Blue glazes for the skin again with contrasting loincloths

Next, the grit scuttlings. Nice and simple.
Base coat, drybrush the black then washes over colour blocks
The red was chosen to help them stand out a little.

The last one completed to date is the Ogre Thaumaturge.
Fantastic model, the blue glazes on the skin really help his tattoos stand out - I could never have done that freehand!

Human acolytes next up, then the heroes and a couple of other bits and pieces. I'm really rather enjoying the variety of figures as they're all cracking sculpts.


Eddy Artillery said...

Very cool Urn!

When we playing next!?!

pulpcitizen said...

Very nice work - well done sir. :)

Greg B said...

Great brushwork Jamie - well done.

BFG said...

Lovely work Urn!