15 Jun 2016

Washes really are rather good aren't they!

I'm still plugging away at my DW KoB forces. I finished the tracks last night and managed to get some Badab Black wash on some of them. The effect it has is great.

It makes me wince sometimes seeing the pre-wash colours. They're sooooo gawdy!

One coat of wash and the metals are toned down, details picked out and crevices shaded. Its a long way from blobbing on Humbrol enamels which is how I started painting miniatures back in 19......no lets not dwell on how long its been.

So tonight I'll finish off the black wash and start on the bases.

Managed to get this fella together today. body and legs are pinned as are the arms. You can't see all of them but there are three spindly spines on its back which I nearly left off as i thought they'd be early casualties in the figures case. However.....I persevered and managed to pin all three despite them being only slightly big than the drill bit.

Given that infinity seems to have grabbed me and Urn I suspect that this fella might get a pass to the front of the painting queue.....along with some friends.


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