25 Apr 2017

Iron Within!

Iron Without!

I've finally finished the massive batch of Iron Warriors infantry. I started these at work in January and have been chipping away at them ever since whilst doing other projects.

66 Marines made up of:

35 Tactical marines with bolters
15 Breachers including 3 with las-cutters
5 Support marines with plasma guns
5 Heavy support marines with heavy bolters
5 Heavy support marines with las-cannons
1 Narik Dreygur

Now this is a good basis for a force but I just need to work out what to add next. I've got some Rhinos, Dreadnoughts and a Spartan. There is also a gang of Terminators to shove in along with Perturabo himself.

Tacticals, Support and Heavy Support.

Breachers. I love the look of them! I reckon GW would do well making a plastic kit of them.

Batch painting 66. Don't do it. Just don't.

'ikkle old plasma gunner.

I was surprised how much fun the stripes were to do. I was slightly dreading it when I started it but it was one of the most enjoyable parts of painting them.

This has also done wonders for my tally on the 365 challenge.

Day 137 : 212 Figures painted.

Get in!



Greg B said...

Great work! I second your comment re: plastic breachers...who knows, maybe the "new GW" will clue in...

harada57 said...
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