12 Jan 2018

Great big Elf Dragon!

One of the cool things about the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is that there are bonus rounds, which normally have a single word criteria, encouraging you to paint whatever you like that fits the theme.  I use it as a great way to get something I already own done as the deadline prompts me to get on with it!

When the "Flight" round was announced, my thoughts went immediately to the dragon I'd undercoated and done nothing with.  Once again the challenge worked it's magic in getting me to get something done!

Originally intended as a mount for a dark elf sorceress, I couldn't find all the bits I wanted to use for her so I went with an elven lord instead - I plan to use magnets and get the sorceress ready so I can use both with the same mount and get her done later.

Big old kit, nicely detailed and a nice use of a "tactical rock" to give the Dragon the illusion of flight.  I went for the cold blue colour as I do like the selection of paint colours from GW (The Incubi Darkness ones).
Really pleased with it and looking forward to getting it on the tabletop.


Eddy Artillery said...

OOOooooo he's a bit on the big side.

lovely job fella!

Unknown said...

Just set Andy on him; he's rubbish in combat...

Lovely stuff Jamie; the wings are especially well done. Looking forward to facing him/her!