25 Feb 2018

Wolves and Deamons and Un-dead....oh my!


So I'm new and this is my first post, but given that I was introduced to war gaming by Eddie Artillery at Junior school over 30 years ago I've been around for a while.

As a typical gamer I have a limited attention span and far too many projects on the go at all times so a challenge that focuses me to finish something is always welcome. For AoS I usually play Un-dead, now my Skeleton archers buffed by a Wight-King giving me 90 odd dice are great but maybe I should do something else, something different, Chaos maybe, Order or Destruction?

Immediately I thought that this would suit my Wolfen project. I always liked the Confrontation Wolfen, great sculpts, a different race to the Elf/Dwarf/Orc fantasy stereotype and they are frecking giant man wolves, so whats not to like. I thought that maybe I could proxy wolves for Stormcasts to get an Order aligned army in but after much deliberation I went with Beastclaw Raiders. Not only are they similar sizes but the look of the figures kind of match the snowy northern wastes style of the Ogors. It would also give me an excuse to do snow bases, something I've wanted to do since I started a Game of Thrones Zombie, John Snow North of The Wall project that I haven't finished yet.

I already have 2 of the Wrath of Kings Goritsi Kickstarters from Ebay and a couple of specials packs from the badly run CMON Black Friday sale, along with a few Confrontation originals from Ebay, and I have a set of Werwulf archers coming from Meirce Miniatures latest Kickstarter as well. All of those coupled with a Beastclaw start collecting set (great value) and I'm most of the way there. One more start collecting set and that's 2000 points. So £40 to spend and I get to finish something I've been planning for several years and play with it.... brilliant.

Then somebody mentioned going to Lenton!!!!

Now I can't use CMON and Rackham figures at Warhammer World as its a purely GW place, which I get and as I want to go I'm going to have to pick something else to do, but what.

I have a Mournghul, some Terrorghiests and Varghiests to finish off for the Un-dead, add a Vampire Lord on a dragon and it would be done, but again that's just adding to my Un-dead horde. Really not a lot of work needed to finish them off, maybe too easy to be a challenge, but again only a £40 cost.

Lastly (well not lastly actually, I have some Bretonnians kicking around somewhere as well as 2 long OOP dark elf chariots that would go great with a Dreadlord on a dragon or 2, and High Elves, Chaos Marauders, Beastmen, Gargants, Skaven, Lizard men etc but they'd all cost too much to finish so weren't seriously considered) .......so lastly there is a Deamons of Khorne force. 30 Bloodletters a Deamon Prince, Skull Cannon a kit bashed Bloodthirster from those bits left over on the sprue after you've finished making one. I need a bit more for this, another Bloodthirster 10 more Bloodletters.....Its not Un-dead, its Lenton compliant but its not my first (or even second) choice, so what to do.

Well really there is only one thing that you can do given these circumstances......that's right I'm going to do all three. 1000 points a month, easy.

Wish me luck.

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Eddy Artillery said...


Thing is I know you'll probably manage to get this done!

Deadlines do help focus ones efforts ;-)