1 Mar 2018

GoG X is upon us!

I’ve decided to go out on a limb and branch out with a brand new army!

“Leaf it out!” I here you cry!


I realise that you didn’t log on just fir me to wattle on with puns.

So….I made the mistake of mentioning that the GoG blog was nearly ten years old. After a flurry of texts I found myself staring down the possibility of a brand new army. AoS is much more favoured these days than 40K so it seemed natural for the next Tale of X gamers to be an AoS thing this time round.

Who to choose?

I’ve got quite a few other projects going on so I didn’t want a horde army with tons to paint in it. I also fancied painting something a bit different and one force stood out as one that no one else seemed to have already.

I saw the Sylvaneth and they instantly caught my eye as they offer what looks like a unique painting experience as they are very different to pretty much everything else in terms of textures and details.
So the Sylvaneth have become my next AoS force. Hence the trees puns. Six months to do 2000 pts so I have to get cracking. I had a look at the army list before buying (a first) and as it turns out the starter sets really are a great place to start with these fellas. So a few of those and some other bits and bobs soon took me to 2000pts (gulp!)

I placed my order with Element Games and true to what the other GoGs said, they proved themselves to be well priced and delivery was quick. I’m just waiting on the arrival of some other hobby supplies and these will get started…..well once I’ve finished my tray of terminators. 

Quite a stack to get through.

It always sounds so simple at the beginning…… doesn’t it.



JamieM said...

Retail therapy - tick
Building the army - pending....

Take a bough now you’ve started!

Eddy Artillery said...

If I were to conifer with my fellow gamers I'd confident that they would agreed that that was acorny pun!