15 Mar 2018

Heroes, Villains and some everyday folk.

I’ve started putting together the Sylvaneth at work in my lunchtimes but it’s going to take a while so I’m all fired up to get a few more things painted at home whilst that progresses.

Painting the unique figures is a real dose of fresh air that I do enjoy every now and then. It lets you go a little further on a figure than you normally can.

Hence these two.

I couldn’t resist with Mr Patriot. I’d starred at him for a while unwilling to commit to a boring dark suited hitman type thing. Not sure where the idea came from but I was sold. It took me longer than I would normally spend painting a figure but it makes me smile so was worth it!
The camo cape was fun as well. I kept the rest of her plainish to emphasis the cloak.

Gotta have some people living in Pulp City!

These two big uglies have been sat unfinished for ages so it is a pleasure to get them completed.

Clearing this lot off of the painting queue was nice and I enjoyed the pulp city vibe so decided to try and get some of the loose scatter started as well. They shouldn’t take long.

So 14 figures finished changes the tally for the better.

Purchased          85

Painted               -62

NET                   23


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