16 Mar 2018



Bins and Cones finished! 39 pieces done is great for my tally.

Purchased:  85
Painted:      -101

NET:           -16

Very happy to be back in negative numbers again. I've got a couple more purchases in the not so distant future, namely the next two Nef which are imminent and also a gang for Shadespire.......apparently. Not sure how that happened.

Oh yeah. Someone mentioned new figures and I jumped on it quicker than a cat on a keyboard.

I've also got a little bit of scratch building to do as I have road works lighting and railings, Cones and also skips but I really could do with a dug up hole for the stuff to go around. Shouldn't take longer to cobble a bit of broken tarmac together.

What next? More scatter for Pulp City. It's quick and really fun to paint the random items like a broken TV and a bullet holed fridge.

Can't wait!


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