29 Sept 2008

Daemonic Testers

Right. Camera died on me tonight. Brilliant. So after much begging I used the wife's and after much more pain trying to get the thing to work I decided to read the manual...

So here we will see a Bloodletter and a Daemonette; painted up in the colours for the army. For those with slight colour blindness the Bloodletter is in red. Both are from the new plastics and paint really nicely.

The thing I'm most looking forward to with the army is the fact that every unit can be a different colour - it's the first army I've done that doesn't rely on total uniformity. The Soul Grinder is going to be a nice shade of yellow in honour of the Custard Marines. Meanwhile, all I've got to do now is work out what to do with the bases.

Month 1 will see me painting the Bloodletters and the Flamers. Oh and trying to finish my Chosen for that other army of mine!


Silverback said...

Loving the Daemonette. The purple works well with the green. Has she dyed her hair green as a mark of love for her ex-lover who was an ork?

Eddy Artillery said...

Silverback is right - the purple and green rock

PS Its not Custard Marines.........strawberry and custard if you don't mind!!

BFG said...

Well SF, I have to say I think that these are some of your best yet, the Daemonette is absolutely fab and the Bloodletter's colours are really nicely blended.

Good job m8!