25 Sept 2008

The Ork Freak of Speed, or something like that

So my brain has had a thunk about things and this is the plan for 1750pts

HQ - Wazdakka Gutsmek - 180pts

Troops - 4 Trukks with 11 Boyz and 1 Nob in each. 3 Rokkit Launchers and 1 Big shoota. The Nobs will carry boss poles and a Power Klaw - Total of 623pts

Troops - 1 squad of 5 and 1 sqaud of 4 Warbikers - 225pts (troops due to Wazdakka)

Elite - 5 Nobs and a Painboy on Bikes, 4 big choppas, 1 rokkit shoots, Cybork bodies, grot orderly - total ( wait for it and take a breath) - 360 pts

Fast attack - 2 lots of 3 deffkoptas, 2 in each in rokkit launchers and 1 with a Kustom Mega Blaster, 2 will also carry buzzsaws in each group. Total of 360 pts.

Giving a grand total of 1748 pts

Thoughts, comments, opinions????


Eddy Artillery said...

Ouch! Bikes as fast troops could be one nasty objective grabbing pain in the arse!!

JamieM said...

Aye, there's so many units in the army that at least a few are going to get right into your lines with nasty Orkses spilling out of transports. 6 Troops choices too, which is nice!

Silverback said...

Troops is the key to 5th and the more the merrier thats what I think. JUst a tad concerned about the numbers in each squad. But who cares - let's see what happens.

BFG said...

Troops are definitely the way to go! Sooo there will be shed loads in my Imperial Guard army!

Like the whole army...or very nearly!