29 Sept 2008

Test Figures

Thought I'd better try my hand at the new paint scheme whilst I still have a chance just it case it turned out to be a massive pain in the bum!

Thankfully the free Terminator figure from White Dwarf gave me the perfect vehicle to try the scheme without actually touching one of the figures slated for the army.

This is just the under coat spray of white, topped with Bad Moon Yellow and then Blood red quarters. I halved the helmet but probably won't do that on the normal marines. I did give me the idea of making each type of squad (ie Tactical, Assault etc) have different Helmet schemes. I'll think on that some more.



Von said...

Oooh shiny. It's the Strawberry and Custard Chapter ;-)

Seriously - that'll look awesome spread across an entire army; can't wait to see how you apply it to any vehicles as well! Drop Pods in the 1/4 scheme will look ace.

JamieM said...

I like it - and am jealous as I can never get lines that straight!

i think you will indeed fight it something of a grind to paint at times, but the end result will be well worth it.

BFG said...

Looks good Eddy, a whole 1750 pts of these little blighters may be the real test though, painting all that yellow and red! Oh wait......then there's dip! Lets here it for the dip boys!

Silverback has mentioned doing this chapter as well...does that mean there's gonna be some Orky type of in-fighting in the Marines? Especially at ASMOH if you get pitched against each other, or is Silverback staying with the Sisters? I'm lost!

Silverback said...

Nice job m8, but let's see less dip and more highlighting!! They definately remind me of a sweet I used to have when I was a kid.

Silverback said...

Whenever we talk about this army we must imagine the voice of Richard Briers.

All images should also be deliberately shaky the commander should have a loud mouth cat as a familiar.

Welcome to the Rhubarb and Custard Chapter

Von said...

And now that bloody theme tune is stuck in my head again. Bugger.

Thanks Silverback....

Professor Morbus said...

Nana nana, nana nana, du du du dudu.