14 Sept 2008

Paul goes all chaotic

Nice greenies sir! I've dug out my chaos marines and will be painting a troops unit for the first month. My preliminary army list looks like this:

October: Chaos Marines with guns and over-heaty guns. (painted green).
November: Ummm probably some sort of commander (painted green).
December: More Chaos Marines possibly with tentacles. (Painted green with green tentacles).
January: Big chaos hurty stuff to kill things. (Quite probably painted green).

I did think of posting a complicated blog detailing the precise and detailed multi-layered painting techniques I will be using but then I thought "Oh bugger it" and decided I'm going to paint em green and dip em!

Paul (AGOG Whipping boy)


Silverback said...

Another Green army - release the inner Ork in you.

go on - you know you want to!

Mark said...

Green chaos?...... come and join us brother!