13 Sept 2008

The Orks Begin...

Well here we go, eyes down and getting ready for the big push from 01 Oct.

I have done a very scary thing this morning. Over the past 2 years I have slowly amassed Orky stuff so I can create a great Ork Horde in one go. Well in preparation for our mammoth event, I went around all the various hiding place in the house, garage and subterranean cave and put all my Orks in one place. I have recored the moment for prosperity, and now I need to go hide them all again before the long haired general gets out of bed. The worrying thing is that I am still to take delivery of two sets of Orks from AoBR(A).

Why orks, well they were my first love in WHFB, and I have always wanted to have a 40k Ork Army. With the new releases I knew this was the time, and with more due out in the new year I firmly believe that this is the time to get all Orky.

But I am not going down the standard 130 Ork list with loads of fearless squads etc. Over the years I have played Mr McCoys Speed Freaks on several occasions and love the imagery that this force created. So I am going to do 1,750pts of Speed Freaks, including Nobs on Bikes (probably with a Pain Boss for good measure), loads of trukks and more bikes.

The picture of my stuff shows that I already have 15 Bikes, 4 of the new trukks and a couple of buggies. Let alone all the various boys and Nobs I have hanging around. This combined with 6 Deffkoptas will make a good core force. No Kommandos (I have 20), no Mega Armoured Nobs (I have 10) and no Lottas (I have 15). I dare say that these will be made and painted at some point so I can turn my force into an Armaggedon style Army, but for the purposes of this tale, they are currently not in the list!

That is the plan and that is what will be .... well until I see exactly what is being released in Jan/Feb. So it shall be written so it shall be painted.

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Von said...

Holy effin Ork my man - that's a scary amount of the little blighters. Hope you safely squirreled it all away before she awakened from her slumber.