3 Sept 2010


Now you all know I have banging on about my new airbrush and I have spent a lot of time pounding the web looking for 'How to' videos.  So I have used what I have learnt and produced 2 pieces of work to date that I thought to share with you.  Now, as ever the pics won't do these justice, so please bear that in mind.

The first is an Ork Battlewagon.  I promise you this took less than 25 minutes to paint 3 different coats of red on.  The effect is lovely to behold.  I then used a piece of blister sponge and some 'Smoke' effect from Vallejo, to produce a bit of weathering on the plates.  I have not done any true detailing on this yet, except pick out some of the metal bits.  The three reds were sprayed in reducing areas on each plate, thus giving the illusion of shading.

Next up, and I think you might be a little surprised at this.  But this model is entirely sprayed - no paint brush has been applied to the model yet.....

The effects on this was based on three different blues.  These were sprayed in 6 reducing coats to give highlights, the last of which was mixed with white!  Again this took no more than 30 minutes in total achieve.  Next step is to pick out the details, and maybe add a light wash to certain areas.  So what do you think?

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Eddy Artillery said...

Looking forward to seeing these bad boys in the flesh.