6 Sept 2010

Stoking the Flames of War

I have decided to chip away at the prep work for my new FoW collection at the same time as working on the church terrain project. This way I can nibble away at the tedious work of filing, trimming and basing of all the figs in the spare half hours I have here and there.

Hopefully it should all be done around the same time as the church is finished and I can throw myself into getting it all painted. Done so far are several bases of Artillery Observers and Staff and these two bad-ass 88s!


BFG said...

OMFG...look out allies the Deutsch Hammer is here!

Do these get the concealed option, when not shooting as the '36 88's don't, as they are too upright and obvious to the eye when at ground level.....unless you hide one in a haystack!!

Silverback said...

or in a church!!

WOW they look mean. Did you know they had an effective range of 3 miles in the desert in the direct fire role?

Eddy Artillery said...

3 miles! Ouch!

No idea about the conceal rule - I'll have to check

I hope so! ;-P