24 Sept 2010

Landing in a Battlefield near you

With one day to go until our September Saturday kicks in I've completed my Slaanesh DP (well ok completed apart from the basing... sheesh so picky:-)).

Anyway I wanted to try out mixing paints on this guy and because GW go for the Heroic Size models with bulging muscles I've gone for large swathes of deepened recesses to try and exaggerate the build even further.

I think under normal lighting conditions that he looks fine, up close I'm not too sure. I'll let you chaps out there in the Blogoverse be the judge of that.

Getting a decent picture also proved painful...

So front on:
The skin is Hormagaunt Purple, then a Leviathan Purple Wash, then a 2:1 mix of Hormagaunt Purple & Space Wolf Grey and a final 1:1 mix of the previous combo. I didn't quite mix enough so some areas are a little sparse but hopefully those are hidden away!

The Horns have Warlock Purple mixed in and I even ended up using good old Tentacle Pink at certain points.

The wings...
I wanted the membranes to be toned down so that the pinky bone stands out more. The membranes are Liche Purple, Leviathan Purple Wash, Azurman Blue Wash, Regal Blue, Mordian Blue, Ultramarines Blue, Enchanted Blue and a final Azurman Blue wash. Phew.

The Sword...
I played around with this and painted it Regal Blue then Ultramarines Blue around the lightning design. Enchanted Blue and then Ice Blue were painted into the Lightning. This was a little bright and distracted from the model so I then washed it again with good old Azurman Blue.

Once again I've enjoyed experimenting and I can't wait to see if all the time spent painting him is worth it when he takes to the field of battle on Saturday.

Hmmm the above pictures are not really doing it for me so here's one taken under normal lighting conditions and from a more leisurely distance...
Is it Saturday yet????


Eddy Artillery said...

Anyone would think you've just been on a painting course!


Looking damned good mate!

Silverback said...

That look awesome - GREAT JOB.

Shame he fights like a girl guide with narcolepsy.

I see that you have not modelled a piece of flaming drop pod buried in him!

BFG said...

Wow, excellent job SB! The figure looks even better in person....

Good job!

Churlton said...

Bootyful job there.