18 Mar 2013

57th Penal Battalion (Abhuman) deployed

You may remember that quite while ago I made a couple of posts about the beastmen (abhuman) squad that I'd been inspired to start and use as Ork allies for my Guard..... They are finally done :)

The most embarrassing thing is that they've been sitting waiting for flock (yes, just flock, the rest of the base was complete) for about 3 months.  Just how rubbish is that?

Anyway, here they are, still on the painting table!

As the Nob of the unit, I decided to use a commissar.  What right thinking imperial commander would let a unit of abhumans loose without a commissar to ensure they stick to the imperial creed?  I had one with a power fist (Klaw) that I hadn't used for ages, so he fit the bill perfectly.

"Right you 'orrible little maggots - Forward for the Emperor!"

The other half of the unit
Group shot
The HQ unit that I'm converting is taking a little more time..... But perhaps getting a little bit of room back on my paint station now this lot are ready to troop off to their carry case will inspire me to get on with him!


BFG said...

These are brilliant Urn! How many kits did you have to use to achieve this great result? Quite a few plastic ones by the look of it.

BFG said...
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Pulp Citizen said...

3 months? Pah - real hobbyists can have stuff unfinished for years! Just kidding. They look ace. :)

Silverback said...

Don't say that or the BFG will start talking about his unpainted squats that he has!

Love the conversions m8