1 Apr 2013

Ahem. Hello? Is this thing on?

The usual comment about now is - good golly man who are you?

Well yes. It has been a very long time but truth be told over Christmas my Wargaming Mojo upped and left and stayed away for months. Odd indeed.

So what brings me back? 40K. Always does in the end and just recently the arrival of the new Daemons Codex which has brought me full circle to the army I first started this blog with for our GoG Tale. More on the Daemons in a minute.

Firstly let's discuss 40K Events. I have always enjoyed going along to events, meeting old acquaintances, new opponents and fancy looking armies. These days I very much sit in mid-table to bottom table excitement but as long as we're all having fun then that's what matters.

So why do I mention Events? Because they are what motivates me generally to finish a project. Case in point was the recent X-Legion event to which I decided to take my World Eaters. I wanted to take some new units which meant my Berzerker Icons, Chaos Space Marines and the Maulerfiend.

But those are finished - I hear you cry - there were posts and everything. Well yes and no. The models were painted but they've been languishing in the space between painting table and army box for months as the bases were not flocked or completed. I know. How rubbish right?

Remember this picture:

This is the Maulferfiend last year.
Now here he is finally completed...
The base took a couple of hours if that. Maulerfiend is happy now. I also completed the other units in time for the event but they're in their box so you'll have to take my word for it.

How'd the event go? Well we finished 2-0-4 and somewhere in the bottom half. Kharn took his Betrayer tally to 37 and managed to turn himself in to a spawn(!). Also managed to walk away with the Most Sporting Trophy which is ace!

The Daemons have been completely revamped in the new Codex and I'm loving it. Not going to go in to details here but would instead like to introduce my new Screamers unit that is needed for Vanquish this coming weekend.

I do have 9 of the old metal ones completed but I hate the models and they are forever falling off their bases. I bit the bullet and went for 6 of the new ones and boy are they so much better looking. A real joy to paint and I've stuck to my Daemon colour code of Blue for Tzeentch (if you must know red = Khorne, green = Nurgle, purple = Slaanesh and yellow = neutral).

Used all new paints on these and there are 4 layers of blue in there somewhere.

Here's a close up:

Only complaint I have is the ball topped flying base. They don't sit on the base and therefore have to be glued in place (yes, I'm sure magnets could be made to work but I had a deadline!). We'll see how they survive the travel next weekend.

So lots of reading to do before Vanquish and next weekend the Tau land as well. I was wondering what allies to add to my World Eaters...

Next up: Chaos Cultists as they've been sat on the painting table for months.


Eddy Artillery said...


The Silverfox has his Mojo back!!

I've yet to see your new screamers in person but they look pretty.

BFG said...

Excellent news Foxy. Most sporting is a given however as you are most sporting when losing or winning and an excellent Mentor.
These last articles have been a real tonic
I now have the incentive to pick up my brush and get stuck into the Chaos Demons my latest axquisition of a Khorne Demon Prince and cannon, thanks to The Silverback.

JamieM said...

Very nice! Always good to see things finished - and other things started that elbow the rest of the shelves of holding out of the way :)

Silverback said...

I do adore your paint scheme for this lot, it is just a shame that Tibbles the Maulerfiend never seems to put any effort into the game :)