9 Apr 2013

....and everyone shuffle forward one space.......

...because you just got one step closer to the front of the painting queue. One DZC Shaltari force completed and awaiting the release of the new card stock scenery set. Should be fun :-)

As I'd been painting these as a break from Howling Griffons, I must now face the fact that said griffons need finishing.

The queue now stands at:

Griffons Assault Squad
Griffons Storm Raven
Griffony Marneus Calgar (or Harneus Galgar as he shall be known)
Griffony Pedro Cantor (Hedro Gantor)

That should take me nicely to the 8000pts I need for our big game at the beginning of May. Not that I'm excited or anything!

After that the paint queue is still slightly undecided.

A ton of Infinity Aleph
A little more DysWars stuff
More DysLegions stuff than I should have really at this point.
Even More GW stuff including 3 battleforces of Tau that I brought years ago.

Which am I going to go with first? Not sure. Urn has got the itch for Infinity at the moment BAD. Seeing that I can paint just a handful of the Inf figures and get playing, it might just have to be the Aleph that see the touch of sable first.

This said. Two months ago the Tau were gathering dust in the loft. Then the Riptide appeared. Nuff Said.


JamieM said...

I really like these - simple, elegant and ready for the tabletop!

Von said...

Oh bloody hell. He's painting new games again!

They do look very nice mind. Very nice indeed.

One day my Scourge may see the outside of their box. Assuming their box ever sees the outside of the shelf system that is.