20 Apr 2013

PHR - have arrived for DZC

So as I recover from my operation, one of the targets I set myself was to get my DZC force out of the box and ready for the arrival of the terrain that the BFG has picked up at Salute today,

I had come up with an idea for a paint scheme for a Tau force before I purchased the army that I have now. This was based around the effect of a force field on a vehicle, and I had the idea of using two sets of opposing colours and a template to allow a hex effect of shading.

So I painted my force a pearlescent blue, like you see on a Subaru impreza. I then acquired from Hobby Craft a seizable piece of bridal mesh that I understand would be used for bridal favours, florists ribbon or such like. I then held this over the vehicles and used a basic white Vallejo Air colour with a light spray over the top. I hope you agree that the effect is superb.

Picture paint a thousand words, so here you go.


Junt said...

Really impressive might have to steal that idea

Von said...


Really cool looking effect and these will look sweet on the table with that card scenery from Salute.