29 Jul 2013

DropZone Arrives

I thought I'd break up the Eddy and Tea Urn show temporarily!!

DropZone Commander has arrived in the world of Von: please say hello to the Scourge. They've been sat patiently waiting for some paint and the challenge of painting non-40K stuff prior to our GoG day in August was too good an opportunity to miss.

As usual I've deliberately kept the colour palette small and learning from previous outings with small scale models I also wanted to keep them fairly bright. So a bit of Army Painter Alien Purple + Citadel Caledor Sky and Lothern Blue and here we are.

Hunter MGT

Reaper AAGT

Invader APC

Warrior Horde

Marauder Medium Dropship

The Vehicles
So that's DzC sorted (and no I'm not tempted to go off and purchase reinforcements.... ahem....)

Also fixed the Scots for SAGA today that a cat wiped out previously: long story. Re-based them as well and now just need to paint the fixed bits. I have extra blisters to expand to a 6point army but that's not going to happen before our GoG Day. Maybe next time.

Next up are the Orx Dreadball team now officially christened Brusier Dorxmund. Pics to follow once I have some paint on them.


JamieM said...

Welcome back Fox!

Very nice choice of colours that lok nicely alien and look like they'll work really well with the scale as you say.

Nice one!

Doesn't really help with my resolve not to play this game, but then nothing really helps my resolve against new shiney ;)

Eddy Artillery said...


Who said you could interrupt? ;-)

Nice to see that you gotten these sorted. Extra reinforcements will of course be required very soon as the Silverback and I have already splurged on more after only one game.

How very like us that is!

Cool colours!

Silverback said...

The ylook great and a nice contrast to the brightest fleet in the world that nathan has made.

It almost looks like Shrike will pop out of one of them