4 Jul 2013

Infinity scenery

So, couple if posts to come catching up on some infinity scenery that I've been plugging away at in what little time I've had.

First up, some £4 woodcut buildings from eBay in a far eastern style that I hope suits my Yu Jing plans..... I had to increase the wall height on one using some nice beading dr home base. I then added some wood stain and then added some hexagonal roofing tiles from Warbases and the some "force field" doors then I had custom made (I have a tonne of shapes for this, so expect them to just keep appearing on scenery) and hen a couple of AW pieces to help "futurise" them.

The wooden Tori gate I just made from balsa offcuts and the sign was custom etched by warbases for 30p!

My theory is that even in the world I infinity, they have little garden areas for the citizens to relax..... But the overbearing authorities still bug them for any seditious talk......!


Junt said...

i've got the same buildings for the same reason, well that and Bushido.

Silverback said...

These look a lot better than scratch built . A great themed board, you know we love them!