17 Jul 2013

Sarky B******d!

I was chitter chatting to Urn during my game against the BFG last night and I happened to mention that I had been quite productive lately on the hobby side of life. Urn's response was "yeah. I saw that on the blog......oh" all delivered with a big cheesy grin. Git.

But he is correct. I have been remiss in posting lately.

So to round up my recent activities:

Old school Wraightlords stripped and the best bits rebuilt as War Walkers which are nearly fully painted
Crimson Hunter constructed and painting has commenced
Painting underway on the new Avatar
Warightknight constructed and undercoated
DW KoB land forces prepared and now undercoated
Dreadball team prepped and undercoated
9 Eldar Jetbikes painted
6 more Jetbikes undercoated

Yeah! Been busy!

I'm been trying to use spare time better and it is succeeding at the moment. Lunchtimes at work, the little time before and after work and all it takes is a little box of hobby bits on the corner of the desk and you can quickly get shifted lots of the prep work that needs doing before painting. Obviously you need an understanding boss and colleagues who accept your oddness. ;-D


JamieM said...

Just how much KoB land stuff do you have? For a gem we don't even play?!?!?!? Excellent work :)

That really is a lot of stuff and is certainly coming along nicely - those bugs look really nice.

BFG said...

Way to go Eddy......