9 Jul 2013

Staying focused

I'm really pleased with myself at the moment because I've managed to stay focused. You know what it's like as a wargamer, you're pulled from project to project without properly finishing the old one and so you leave lots of things behind, half done.

Well, not me anymore! I have a zen like attention to getting things done now and so I proudly present to you my latest work on getting the cyboars finished!

Errrrrr, wait a minute.... That can't be right.... Let me try again.... Perhaps it's this picture instead?

Dammit, not that one either!

Yep, you guessed it, focus has strayed once again.....having recently picked up the daemon codex and having some daemon figures already in my collection, I told myself that I only needed the book to use them as allies..... But I knew that I was just lying to myself and so a swift order to triple helix followed and these are the first two units. I dived straight into them as it seems silly to buy stuff just to sit on a shelf (not that we all do that often, right?) and so last night I sat in the watch if the evening and got cracking.

I made the bases for the flesh hounds (chaos hounds are far cheaper than the finecast "proper" ones so I followed Nick's lead) myself out of textured plasticard and the plaguebearers get resin ones.

Really hoping to get these done before my butterfly like attention span takes me elsewhere, so wish me luck!

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Eddy Artillery said...

These will make the Ork-loving BFG a very happy GoG!