8 Aug 2013

An Ebay Bargain!!

One of my usual Ebay suppliers, The Troll Trader, posted a gaggle of auctions recently rather than just the normal discount Buy-It-Nows. These auctions intrigued me mainly because they were for a load of different Spartan ranges. There was stuff for Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions and even stuff from the new Spartan scenery range.

I took a punt on a couple of auction but was quickly outbid and it became apparent that there was quite a lot of interest in them when one in particular caught my eye. A 28mm scale Invincible class gunship designed to be tabletop scenery.

Now I have any found it annoying that all these Sci-Fi games we play seem to be so devoid of aircraft both in the games and as objectives/scenery. Thankfully this has changed on both counts now with the abundence of flyers in the game and now with HDF scenery making large scenery pieces more viable.

So when I saw the auction for the Invincible I just had to have a punt. To my surprise I won! I also got it for a really good price saving nearly £40 from the listed price. I suspect that, as scenery, it was something that people were not as stressed about compared to some of the other items on the Troll Traders auctions.

anyway......it made me happy! ;-)

As the box says.......570mm long!

Oh yeah baby! I'm feeling a spaceyard themed scenery set coming on!

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Junt said...

Ebay is your friend when it comes to hunting down bargains, and the troll trader does some really good deals every now and then