6 Aug 2013

Some progress.....

....on the mountain of Eldar I have to do.

The war walkers and jetbikes only really need a few bits picked out and then they are ready for a nice transfer for the front of the bike. I've been scratching around for a design I like but haven't found anything yet.

The Wraithguard are only just started so they'll need their guns, gems and loincloths doing but that shouldn't take long.

This leaves the following still to paint:

2 Spiritseers
28 Dire Avengers
16 Guardians
1 Fire Prism (unconstructed)
1 Wraithknight
1 Crimson Hunter (Started)
10 Rangers
1 Wraithlord (unconstructed)
1 Autarch
1 Fire Dragon Exarch

So...umm...yes. quite a bit to do yet.

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