10 Aug 2013

Dreadball Flies In

Good evening and welcome to another non-40K post.

Today we will be mainly viewing this little fellow who has turned up with his mates (and a few from the other side). They will soon be blazing a trail through the skies over Rural England.

Have you seen a black and white dog?
Yes Wings of Glory has now appeared in the GoG World. I've been resisting the lure of this one at every wargames show for years but finally gave in at Attack! in Devizes this year. Not sure where Snoopy is but the Red Baron is on the scene ready to add to his tally.

But it's not all about the pre-painted WW1 aircraft, oh no. Please say hello to a couple of members of the newest franchise in the GoG Dreadball League:

Bruisier Dorxmund has arrived and is ready to tear up the opposition, sorry I mean the League.
High Five!!!
I was going to call them the Orx Griffons but thought better of it. And originally red was not going to feature much but Yellow and Black just wasn't doing it for me.
You! Yes you with the funny hat. You're mine!

Just need to stick them in their hexagonal bases and all will be right with the world.

What's next? Well I have some FoW Fallschirmjaeger that have been very, very patient: time to dig them out and take stock of what needs to be done. That Eastern Front isn't going to fight itself you know...


Eddy Artillery said...

Orx are looking suitably Brutal!!

Silverback said...

I bet they are complete girls really - and my girls will be complete orx