16 Aug 2013

Bloodletter champ and something for infinity

In my haste at getting the bloodletters posted, I talked a lot about the champ, but only went for the "really far away and hard to pick out" angle to show the outcome.... Oops!

So, as I've not really done any conversions in the troops, here he is with a chum to show the differences.

Chunkier, big horned, more upright and armed with an axe. Now why do I get the horrible feeling that this still won't be enough to remind me that he shouldn't be standing at the front to get shot to pieces first?!?!?

And here is something else that I've been tinkering away with. Inspired by the rolling TV ad things on tube stations these days I figured that the world of infinity would have something similar, but more space age. So here is a curved wall section with printed transfers added to it - one advert and one Yu Jing news bulletin. I wanted to do transfers to give it a translucent feel and I'm pleased with the outcome.

1 comment:

Pulp Citizen said...

The Champion looks excellent, and cool idea with the rolling broadcast. :)