12 Feb 2015


It has been an absolute delight painting these and now that they are finished I must, once again, thank the Silverback for his encouragement to get stuck in with the weathering.

These have to be some of the best painted miniatures I have done and a lot of that is down to the final effect that the weathering gives. I'm immensely stoked and ready for more hobbying as these beauties have given me a real boost in morale and motivation.

A shout out to Vallejo as well for their awesome acrylic liquid matt varnish that is really good and coupled with Micro-set fixing agent, it has merged the decals into the figure really well to the point where it is hard to tell if some of them are actually transfers.

First up the Knight Titan. A nice model and it being plastic did make it easier to paint than the Castigator.

Next is the Thanatar. I've started thinking of it a 'the little model' as I've been working on it at the same time as the titans.......however it is far from small as evidenced by the dead marine at its feet. ;-)

Last but by no means least.....the totally mean looking Castigator. A great model and I can't wait to see it striding across the battlefield!



pulpcitizen said...

Great work on all of those. You should be proud. :)

JamieM said...

Sometimes I'm reminded that people in this hobby have genuine artistic skill, and this is one of those times!

Really well done on these, they look fantastic.

Now get going on your horde of infantry!