5 Feb 2015

More fun with weathering.

Today I got the chance to add some weathering to my Thanatar and the Castigator. Once again I have been pretty heavy handed and as I've used metallics the pictures look a bit glossy. I'm hoping that a coat of matt varnish will tone them down slightly to reduce that.

I can't quite decided what to do with the Castigators sword. Leave it as is or try some glowing effects. Green glow? Blue glow?

Choices choices.

Tomorrow I'll be adding some ink & wash weathering to pick out the rivets and to add some dirt and then after that it is basing and mud weathering for the legs.



Silverback said...

That looks great.

You could do some of the foam patting of paint over the exhaust vents to give an exhaust blackened effect

Eddy Artillery said...

Nice idea but I've blackened the sticky out vents as the exhaust and left the grill on the back as the air intake.

Wargameshc said...

I'm really impressed Eddy! A great finish!

JamieM said...

really nice! This weathering lark is really catching on, so nice to have a couple of people's work to get ideas from.