10 Feb 2015


Well that's what it is!

I'd had a mind to perhaps go with a nice eerie green glow for the sword but I saw someone else had done a heat effect on theirs and I thought it was better suited to go with the rest of the paint scheme.

Not much to do now. Just the base and dirt weathering on the legs and a varnish.

Ho Ho! Nearly there. Now the question is what to start next? I should really make inroads in the mountain of HH infantry that I've got in pieces under my desk before I treat myself to painting another big thing. However I think I'm going to paint the two castellax and the magos I've got hanging around and then I'll move on to the infantry.

It might be good to actually finish some of these bits and get them shipped home. ;-)



Pulp Citizen said...

The blade looks great Eddie. :)

Eddy Artillery said...

Thanks PC!