16 Feb 2015

Next Please!

I'm trying to keep disciplined with my painting so on Friday I started the next batch of figures for the Horus Heresy. A Magos and two Castellaxs for the Mechanicum and two Praetors for my Iron Hands.

I've been unmotivated to start my Iron Hands and I think the colour scheme was part of what was holding me back. After seeing the scarlet and red on the titans I just wanted to continue with that. So I am going to!

Yup, my IH watched Ferrus fall and leaderless they turned to their comrades in arms for leadership in service to the Emperor. They'll be carrying both IH and mechanicum iconography to show their allegiance.

First off these guys got the Bronze then Brass and then finally Gold dry brush treatment and today I started with the thinned down scarlet. I took a photo of that but the red isn't bold enough to show properly yet.



Silverback said...

I like that idea of linking into the Mechanicum

enjoy the painting\!

pulpcitizen said...

Looking forward to seeing these finished after the recent Titans. :)