25 Feb 2015

Marines! .............. But not the HH kind

This is a bit of a catch up post given I got these figures years ago when we were all getting into pirate games. These figures were never painted by me and there is a chance they could see use in one of the random game systems that I keep picking up and I fancied something a bit different to paint, so here they are.

I actually did some historical research for these too! The Royal Navy itself has a page on uniforms throughout the ages.  They appear to be a mix of a couple of periods, so I stayed with the colours that looked pretty standard - white trousers and cross belts and red coats.  Did you know e redcoats weren't because they didn't show the blood, as popular myth would have it, but because red was the cheapest material available at the time? And that's straight from the horses mouth too.

The officer gets a natty blue coat to help his stand out.

These chaps may face off against my pirates at some point if I run a game, but don't hold your breath!


Eddy Artillery said...

My word!

That is a step off the norm painting wise. Its been a good few years since we had the pirates out.

Nice job on them.

Silverback said...

To err is human and garr is pirate