3 Mar 2015

Mythical creatures - something a little different again

These are mythical creatures in two senses of the word. The first is that they are a mermaid and genie (modelled as a sea elemental) and the second in that they came to the lead pile a few years ago now and so their very existence was questioned.

I picked them up at Warfare a number of years ago and finally got around to painting them as part of a mythical entry to a bonus round in the painting challenge that I've joined. It's helped me get a tonne of stuff done so it's been great :)

Simple paint schemes for both, with some roiling water under the elemental. Perhaps they'll be scenery or objectives in a game if I get the marines from my last post out for a game.

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Eddy Artillery said...


Use them for Pulp City! Splash-Man and Fish-Girl!