30 Mar 2015

More pre-heresy salamanders and pulp sci-fi

More pre-heresy salamanders in the shape of 10 pyroclasts. These chaos are  choice only available to salamander armies and come with a special flame projectile gun that can either be a flamer or a short ranged weaker melta gun. Always nice to have options...... And they have artificer armour too. This means that they have sculpted flames and so don't need my crudely daubed flames in their shoulder pads.

I couldn't find a decent decal for their right shoulders, so they are currently blank. I may add one if I find a decent one at some point. I really like the draped salamander skin over their face, which feels like a nod to historical Naptha throwers?

Next up is the stuff I needed to get the pulp sci-fi figures ready for a game of 7TV or pulp alley. First up is the brightly clothed lass who will join the ships crew on the "goodie" side. Then I added my evil overlady and her bodyguard chap. First one from bombshell miniatures, the other two from crooked dice, who make 7TV, and I think they're based on old Blake's 7 baddies, but as I was a bit young to watch it, I'm not entirely sure ;)

The painting challenge that I joined has now finished and it has been the best thing that's happened to my shelves of holding in years! Now I don't play in tournaments, there hasn't been the impending deadlines of tournaments to encourage me to get things done, so Ic an often sort of flounder round and not really achieve anything. The painting challenge has reminded me that painting can be pretty quick if you want it to be and I was amazed how quickly I could get things to table if I tried.

In the three months of the challenge, my total included a dreadball team of 8 figures, 20 saga figures, 45 HH salamander marines, 3 dreadnaughts, 10 Royal Navy marines, 16 pulp Sci fi figures, 4 other miscellaneous 28mm figures and 2 pulp city powerhouses. I'd normally struggle to do that lot in a year the way I've been going....

So the shelves are looking barer and I've reminded myself how much fun it is to get stuff painted, so a win all round and whilst I won't be able to keep that sort of pace up, hopefully my painting progress will be better than it has been. I'm looking forward to joining the challenge again in November and I'd recommend you lot do the same - it's very clever in that it sets each painter against his or her lead mountain, not against everyone else, so is nothing but encouraging.


Eddy Artillery said...

Nice work again Urn!

The Salamanders are, once again, looking awesome!!

Silverback said...

looking good mate

shame they are good guys and will die quickly