13 Mar 2015

Finishing things later than hoped.

I finally got to finishing the current batch in the queue. Sadly I'd hoped to finish them earlier this week and already be onto something else but circumstances did not permit.

Onto something new next week. I think after Urn's post about his Salamanders I need to get a wiggle on otherwise I'll be the only GoG with an HH force that doesn't actually have any infantry in it.

This is all building to be something truly cool. The Silverback's Death Guard look brilliant and them coupled with Urn's Salamanders have set the bar pretty high quality wise. When all of this stuff gets to the table it is going to look amazing!!


Junt said...

looking very good, I must crack on with my huge pile of HH resin

JamieM said...

these have come out a real treat! I like your alternative scheme and reckon they'll look great when some infantry are running round under the big guys' feet.